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Individual Associates

We’re delighted that you are considering linking with the network. Being an individual associate is open to those who accept the Basis of Faith and Cooperation and support the Objects. We want the application process to be simple but if you’ve any questions do get back to Andy Law.

Who can join?

Individual Associate status is open to anyone who accepts the statement of faith and basis of cooperation and supports the objects of Global Connections. This category of membership is not available to anyone currently working with a mission agency or church.

Why should you join?

1. Supporting mission in the UK

By joining as an individual associate member, you will be supporting the ministry of Global Connections as we serve the wider network and encourage the expansion of mission in the wider Evangelical Church.

2. Connect with other network members

Involvement with a large network of organisations, groups and other individuals interested in mission. You will be able to connect with members through the Global Connections and MAP Networking Hub (launching soon). This member-exclusive Networking Hub is a secure, digital platform for members to directly connect with one another, share knowledge, resources and news, and continue conversations and learning between events in a digital space.

You can also join one of our forums and you’ll have the chance to engage with others working in similar roles, connecting with them to share resources, ideas and best practice.

3. Access to networking events with specialist content

We provide unique networking opportunities with others who are involved in mission. As well as running a range of forum events throughout the year, we also host one-off events exploring current topics and issues. One-off events focusing specifically on exploring the future of mission offer members the opportunity to input observations and solutions so that together we can ask and answer some key questions, identify lessons, and begin to work on an appropriate response.  Members attend at greatly discounted prices.

4. Expand your knowledge with help from a range of useful resources

We offer a portfolio of codes, policy guidelines and pro-forma that you can utilise to equip your organisation, raise standards, maximise your work, and to confidently fulfil your operational roles and responsibilities. Our website also has a wealth of resources and we regularly signpost subscribers of our monthly e-newsletter Network News to useful and essential resources. Members will also have access to exclusive resources through our Networking Hub (launching soon). Please feel free to ask after a particular resource - if we don't know ourselves, we'll be able to find someone in the network who can help!

How much does it cost?

Individual Associate membership for the year costs £90.

How do you join?

All individual associates must be in agreement with the Global Connections’ Basis of Faith and Cooperation and agree to pay the annual subscription. This runs for 12 months from the date of each payment.

Please complete the online application form under 'How do we join?' or print off and return the completed application form and send by email to or by post to Global Connections, Caswell Road, Leamington Spa CV31 1QD.

By submitting this application, you are giving Global Connections permission to process your information in accordance to its Privacy Policy. Please also note that the email platform we use to send occasional communications to our members is Mailchimp - you can update your preferences and unsubscribe at any time.

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible at which point we will contact you. The trustees reserve the right not to accept a application for individual associate status or to remove an associate if they deem it to be in the best interests of the network.

The basis of faith and co-operation can be found here
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The basis of faith and co-operation can be found here
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