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Resourcing churches

Inspiring mission videos

Dried Up, Drowned out
Looking at the impact of changing climate on the lives of people in East Africa - 5mins 30secs
Secret Children
Highlighting the plight of children in countries where Christians are persecuted - 5mins 56secs
Unapproachable, untouched, untouchable, disconnected. These are all words and descriptions given for yet another word: Unreached - 5mins 22secs
Tears of the Saints
Promoting mission to unreached people around the world, with a particular focus on Asia - 6mins 33secs
North Korean testimony
An 18 year old Christian from North Korea sharing her testimony at the Lausanne Congress at Cape Town in 2010 - 8mins 41secs

Recent articles

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Hon Khoi salt fields in Vietnam - Photo by Quangpraha
As you read the opportunities in this publication, you may well be asking yourself, “Will it be worth it?” But let’s ask the question from another angle. Let’s start with the cross of Christ and ask of that, what is that worth?
A Wind in the House of Islam
This book explores the stories of more than 1,000 Muslim-background followers of Jesus Christ. Join Dr. Garrison in this amazing journey of discovery, tracing the work of the Holy Spirit as it blows through the House of Islam.
A Wind in the House of Islam
A Review Article of A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is Drawing Muslims around the World to Faith in Jesus Christ, by David Garrison

Latest prayer points

Jesus is true harmony in era of new emperor: With a new emperor in Japan comes a new era; the Reiwa era is variously translated, but includes reference to harmony. True harmony for a nation is found when they enter into their God given destiny. Please pray that the Japanese will seek true harmony which can only be found in Christ as a prophecy has been shared: “...a stabilising anointing of my spirit in the land of cherry blossoms, to cause the shifting ground to stand still; as my People rise to stand in their appointed places...”
New Zealand
Pray for those affected by the White Island volcano eruption: We pray for those injured following the White Island volcano eruption in December. Ask that the Lord will bring quick recovery of body and mind. May God comfort those who have lost loved ones. Pray also for the emergency services, as retrieval of the deceased from the disaster site and repatriation continues.
Chinese New Year brings families (and Jesus) together: Chinese New Year started on 25th January. During the celebrations millions of Chinese citizens travel to spend time with family. Christians face challenges from parents and grandparents if they are not believers, but the Christians can have opportunities to share their faith. Pray that believers will have those opportunities, that their words and deeds will honour Jesus and that many will turn to Christ. Continue to pray also for school children who are facing strong messages at school to turn them away from Christianity, even reporting their parents to the teachers if they engage in Christian activity. Pray that Jesus will be so real to these children that they can resist these pressures and continue to pray, read their Bible and share their faith.
Valuing the language of the Orninan people
Valuing the language of the Orninan people: The Orninan* people of West Asia are people who feel ignored and their language not valued. We want them to know of Christ’s love for them. We can thank God that the Orninan people love and provide for the stranger and foreigner and care for the poor and disadvantaged as he commands in his word. Pray that they will feel free to call upon the name of Jesus, that they may be known as ‘oaks of righteousness’ and that God will bring the rain their land desperately needs. Life is hard them. Pray that one day they can say ‘I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me’ (Psalm 120:1). *name changed for security reasons.