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MRF (Mission Representatives Fellowship) – Scotland

MRF Scotland is a fellowship of evangelical mission agency representatives who work in Scotland [under the brand ‘One Stop Mission Shop’] to help resource churches to promote and facilitate involvement in world mission.  Membership of the group is open to any evangelical mission agency operating in Scotland.

The Purpose of MRF is to promote:

Fellowship - encouraging those involved in promoting mission in and from Scotland, through quarterly meetings, informal supportive communication and the exchange of ideas

Cooperation – sharing resources for mutually agreed goals. These resources include One Stop Mission Shop, joint events, and conferences

Outreach – to inspire, advise and facilitate enquirers towards world mission by connecting enquirers with appropriate agencies and working in partnership with local churches

Member Agencies: 
AIM International
Edinburgh Theological Seminary
Highland Theological College UHI
MAF International
OMF International UK
Scottish Bible Society
WEC International
Wycliffe Bible Translators