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Finance Forum

Overseas funds, Gift Aid, and regulatory change.

Warm greetings, dear reader, we’re pleased to announce
The forthcoming forum for those in Accounts:
November the 20th, at the abode
Of CMF’s office on Marshalsea Road.

At 10:45, the event will begin;
From 9:30 on we will welcome you in,
So if you can make it that early, feel free
To join in some chat over coffee and tea.

The day will encompass such topics as these:
The rules on transmitting your funds overseas,
Plus Gift Aid, and updates comprising a range
Of subjects around regulatory change.

To cover some softer skills which we all need,
We’ll look at how introverts manage and lead,
(For extroverts, please do not worry or fear
That all must go quiet and taciturn here).

Our speakers (some known to you, some may be new)
Are Stephen1, and Sarah2, and Nick3 (we’ve got two),
From Stewardship, Collins (A4), and DEC,
Plus Zorva – to bring a diverse pot-pourri.

Nick Swain will give input on how we can be
More safe and secure in the world of IT,
With useful proposals, he’ll help raise the bar
In cyber procedures and GDPR.

He’ll also be spending a bit of his time
On fraud and some aspects of financial crime,
(Prevention, that is, not a criminal’s guide,
The latter is not for GC to provide).

To help Nick5 to focus before the event,
Suggestions and questions to him can be sent
By app on your smartphone, so he’ll quickly see
Which issues are deemed the most crucial and key.

To end, we’ll reflect on the ways that we ought
To put into practice the things we’ve been taught,
In kindness to those from afar, we’ll be sure
To keep to the programme and finish by 4.

The cost (GBP) isn’t really a lot:
It’s 40 for members, 100 if not,
This covers refreshments as well as your lunch,
(Please tell us when booking of foods you can’t munch).

[1] Mathews
2 Tomlinson
3 Swain and Waring
4 Anthony
5 Swain, not Waring

(Thanks to Deborah Kong, AIM, for this fantastic text)

Now for the less interesting (but still important) info:

Payment for this event must be made in advance. When you submit your booking you will be taken to our secure card payment page. If you are unable to use this facility please close the payment page and telephone the Global Connections office on 01926 487755 for further instructions, or email us using the contact details below.  Please note that you do not need to a Paypal account to use their credit card payment system.

Cancellation Policy: 50% of the booking charge will be refunded if cancellation is made at least one month prior to the event. For cancellations made less than one month prior to the event, we regret that a refund will not be possible.

For more details, contact Eileen Askew