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TCK Holiday - rekonnect for teens (5 days)

Action holiday for TCKs aged 13-18 years

Five days for teenage TCKs - those who have lived overseas and now find themselves back in the UK. A chance to relax, chill, be themselves and interact with others who know just what they have experienced.

The programme is designed to give a safe space, an opportunity to relax, enjoy the centre and the company and learn from each other and those who can provide some help in getting re-connected to the UK scene and culture.

The cost is £140 per individual. You can either pay the full amount now or a deposit of £25 per individual and pay the balance before the event. (We aim to keep the price as low as possible, but please do email if you have any concerns about meeting the cost.)

Please book online using the form below.

Information about the rekonnect for kids TCK holiday week can be found here.

Cancellation Policy: The majority of the cost of a residential event is the accommodation charge which we have to pay to the conference centre well in advance of the event. Therefore, although we will aim to be as generous as possible with our refunds, they will normally only consist of a small proportion of the amount paid and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, contact Sandy Morgan