Events | Global Connections


26 Aug 19
Media and mission
Location: Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church, Bangor
6 Sep 19
The State of Diaspora Mission in the UK
Location: Ware
8 Oct 19
Member Care Matters - Learning Together
Location: London
16 Oct 19
Developing a Ministry Support Base
Location: Glenabbey Church, Glengormley
16 Oct 19
From Field to Fruit to Force
Location: London
23 Oct 19
Coaching Skills
Location: Emmanuel Church, Lurgan
30 Oct 19
Language and Power
Location: Hoddesdon
12 Nov 19
Gender and sexuality
Location: London
19 Nov 19
Crisis Management
Location: London
29 Nov 19
Change is here to stay
Location: London
3 Dec 19
Change is here to stay
Location: Leeds
28 Mar 20
Prepared to Go
Location: Belfast Bible College, Glenburn Road South, Dunmurry, BT17
12 May 20
Global Voices: What if we really listened?
Location: Yarnfield