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Volunteers Matter

Developing your volunteer ministry

This two-part event is designed to help Christian organisations reflect on their volunteer1 strategies and processes, learn from others, and apply Biblical principles to grow their volunteer ministries to the glory of God. We will be offering a refreshingly different approach to the area of volunteer management as we seek to become better spiritual leaders of volunteers ourselves.

Whether you have been managing volunteers for years, are completely new to this area of work, or just feel in need of a refresher, this event is for you!

Preparing for Volunteers - Tuesday 18th January 10:00am - 12:15pm

How prepared are you as an organisation to welcome volunteers, and what are the key considerations you need to have in place? In this first session we’ll consider the biblical underpinnings of volunteer ministry, generational differences in volunteers, and how we can communicate what we do in a compelling way to draw in potential volunteers. We'll also consider some process and legal issues. The key areas we will cover are:

  • The heart of a volunteer
  • It’s all about the mission… and people!
  • Recruit to the vision not the task
  • Consider your processes

Leading Volunteers  - Tuesday 25th January 10:00am - 12:15pm

How do you ensure the right person is in the right seat, communicate expectations clearly, avoid attrition, and engage volunteers positively in your work? In this second session we’ll discuss whether and how we should ‘reward’ volunteers, the power of working through a small number of ‘leader volunteers’, and some of the practical matters – drawing up volunteer arrangements, good practice in management of volunteers, termination of volunteering, and more.

The key areas we will cover are:

  • Choosing with care
  • Investing in people
  • Developing leader volunteers
  • Practical considerations

There will be a healthy mix of presentation and interactive breakout groups, and some exercises to complete between session one and session two.

Our main speaker is John Greenall. Mark Mason will also be joining us to help us understand some of the legal aspects of working with volunteers.


Each session will start at 10:00am (waiting room open from 9:50am) and will finish by 12:15pm.

The cost for both sessions is £25 to people from GC and MAP member agencies and churches, and £75 for those from non-member organisations. If you are not sure if your church or organisation is a member of GC, please check with them to confirm or see if they feature on our List of Members page.



What is volunteering?

  • Volunteering is an activity that someone does freely, by choice, at their convenience
  • Volunteering is unpaid (except for reimbursement of expenses incurred whilst volunteering, e.g., food, drink, travel or any equipment you need to buy)
  • Volunteering is not contractual (volunteers can have a volunteering arrangement and a role description - to clarify expectations on both sides, but not a contract of employment or a job description)
  • Volunteers can receive training and development appropriate to their role


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