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Central Asia Forum

Addressing key issues affecting mission in Central Asia

Who is it for?

Representatives, churches and individuals who are concerned for mission in Central Asia

What is the focus?

This relatively new forum has attracted increasing numbers of people in the last three years bringing together some 30 people keen to look at aspects of work in Central Asia and address issues of concern.

The forum's three main areas of focus are to:

  •  Provide fellowship and networking opportunities for those involved in ministry in Central Asia
  • To discuss issues of common concern
  • To consider appropriate responses

Speakers generally, but not always, come from amongst the forum members who provide insight into a particular country or current issue.  Helpful discussion and learning together follows the presentations, as well as a time of prayer together.

What issues have we covered recently? 

The group has endeavoured to describe the size and nature of the church in Central Asia, to hear about projects and encounters, to encourage prayer from the UK and challenge some to serve by giving or going. There is a growing sense among our forum members that we want to raise the profile of Central Asia within the UK church and a number of our forum members have each been tasked with researching the state of the church in a particular Central Asian country and reporting back to the forum members.  More recently representatives of different agencies have shared a little about the projects in which they are involved.

When do we meet?

The forum meets twice a year, usually May and November. Most meetings start at 12 noon and finish by 4 pm and are held in the Conference Room, Christian Medical Fellowship, 6 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1HL. We deal with routine business, share about new resources and forthcoming events and introduce each other before lunch, which gives good opportunity for effective networking over lunch - indeed recently forum members have asked for a longer time at lunch so that they may network with more people - (please bring your own packed lunch, drinks are provided). The main item of the forum usually starts after lunch, although people find the earlier news and sharing immensely valuable.

This forum is facilitated by Annie Chambers of Global Connections.

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