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Education as Mission Forum

Reaching communities for Jesus using education as mission

The vision of the Forum is to reach communities for Jesus using education as mission.

The main objectives of the Forum are:

  1. To build relationship between organisations working across all educational phases in formal and informal settings to encourage and inspire one another.
  2. To share examples of best practice and lessons learnt through conferences and specific interest groups.
  3. To share and adapt resources freely so we do not reinvent wheels.
  4. To build organisational capacity in recruitment, retention, impact assessment, research, evaluation and metrics.
  5. To develop an understanding of common needs for development and combine resources to help meet those development needs.
  6. To deepen our theological understanding of mission through education.

The Steering Group is led by Roger Pearce (BMS World Mission), David Midwinter (Teach Beyond), Phil Hawkins (Aprender), John Baxter-Brown (Global Connections) and administered by Nicoleta Mezei (Global Connections).

For more details, contact Nicoleta Mezei