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Integral Mission Forum

Improving practice among those committed to to an integral approach to mission

The interest group is run in association with Micah Global. It is also linked to the European Christian Community Development Network.

It is for all those committed to an integral approach to mission. Regular attendees include those working in churches and parachurch organisations, seeking transformation in their wider communities and society, particularly those focusing on relief and development. It meets as a group twice a year, normally in London but also provides many other opportunities for members to engage with each other.

Integral mission encompasses all aspects of our life and ministry including how we engage with our communities and encourages us to strive to serve with a Kingdom perspective. Issues are addressed from a Biblical perspective. Topics are chosen by the Steering Group, helped by suggestions from members of the forum. The bi-annual events are an opportunity for networking and mutual learning.

Topics that have been covered recently have included: Gods liberating agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Justice and advocacy, partnership, avoiding dependency, being distinctively Christian in relief and development, capacity-building and sustainability, human rights, and the role of peace building in development.

As we seek to improve practice, we are keen to share and learn from one another. There are some excellent learning zones for those working in relief and development which are freely available. The Tearfund International Learning Zone has Topics pages and Policy and Research information, as well as links to some excellent publications. Micah Global has a library of resources including videos, training materials, a reading list, blogs, and stories of transformation.

The Steering Group is chaired by Mark Galpin (All Nations)and group members include Sheryl Haw (Micah Global), Steve Fouch (CMF), Ian Hamlin (End Poverty 2030), Neil Casey (Medair), Bob Chambers (Feba Radio), and administered by Global Connections.

Forum Papers and Presentations