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Member Care guidelines

“Member Care is the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of mission personnel for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work” 1

Member Care involves treating enquirers, personnel and their families with love, care and respect. It involves consideration of their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs, throughout their term of service, so that they can find their ministry fulfilling and be effective in doing God’s will. The point of member care is to launch and sustain resilient individuals in successful ministry.

These Guidelines for Good Practice in Member Care are designed to apply to any church or Christian organisation based in the UK which is sending staff or volunteers overseas. The principles apply to all personnel such as volunteers working overseas, and mission personnel and their families.

They have been produced by the Steering Group of the Global Connections Member Care Forum. They are available for use at no cost by churches and agencies. They maybe copied and used (without the need to request permission) provided there is no commercial benefit but we would be grateful for acknowledgement.


1 Definition agreed by the Global Member Care Network of the WEA Mission Commission in 2008.