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Our vision is to see God more fully glorified and enjoyed in Pakistan, his church built up in the knowledge of God, the appreciation of the gospel and the fulness of the Holy Spirit and the people of Pakistan blessed through the gospel of his love and grace. Our mission is to serve Pakistani Christians in their witness to Jesus Christ and the gospel through exceptional television programming.
We are passionate about introducing sports fans to Jesus and seeing their lives transformed by the power of the gospel.
PTI exists to help pastors to preach the Word of God clearly and thoroughly. It does this through three separate but often interlinked activities. They are In-country Training, Distance Mentoring and Learning Resources.
Unveiling Gods glory to Central Asian Muslims by establishing and enabling His church.
We want to see God praised among the hard-to-reach, the under-reached and the least-reached around the world. We can’t think of any better reason to be alive today!
Supporting the mission and service of PCI offered by congregations working together through the General Assembly forms the basis of the Council for Global Mission.
At Project Possible, we partner with Christian communities around the world to open up opportunities where doors have been closed due to social disadvantage. We join forces to make their poverty-fighting projects possible, working to spark a lasting impact, which restores their sense of value and vocation.