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Josiah Venture

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Northern and Western Europe

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Mission to young people in Central and Eastern Europe

Josiah Venture – Our Vision
A movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.
Our Mission
To equip young leaders to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church.
Our Core Values
Bold faith
Dynamic community
God-honoring excellence
Deep integrity
Indigenous empowerment
Our Name
King Josiah began seeking God at age 16. By the time he was 26, God had used Josiah to bring revival to the land, rebuild the house of God, and restore the Word of God to its central place (2 Chr. 34). Central and Eastern Europe desperately needs its own Josiahs, young men and women who lead the way spiritually, as this young king did.
Our Dream
Young people were the primary energy and momentum behind the revolutions that broke the power of communism in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 80’s. But a revolution that changes the government doesn't change the hearts of people. The work is only half done. Young people must be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The energy of youth must be mobilized into a mighty force for the Kingdom of God. The potential is clear. Central and Eastern Europe’s young people have already proven they can change the course of history. Now they must change the course of eternity.

Northern Ireland Opportunities for Involvement 
Short-term and longer-term teams and internships
Prayer support
Financial support, both general funds and for specific projects
Our Beginnings 
The Josiah Venture team has grown from three couples in 1993 to over 320 staff members today. Our staff, over half of which are nationals, are located in 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, along with support teams in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Thousands of young leaders are trained each year by our staff, and through those young leaders hundreds of new believers are entering the local church as a result of evangelistic and discipleship efforts.