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Logos Ministries International (LMI)

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Serving the Church since 1977

Logos Ministries International (LMI) encompasses four main areas of work: 

  • Bible Teaching Ministry
  • Overseas Ministry Programme
  • Youth & Schools Outreach
  • Mission Awareness Programme 

Bible teaching is one of the greatest needs in the Church worldwide. Our Bible Teaching Ministry provides sound biblical teaching through distance learning to Christians around the world. 

The aim of LMI's Overseas Ministry Programme is to partner with local churches in various areas of the world to assist them in spiritual and practical ways. One of the ways in which we do this is through leadership training, which involves conducting leadership seminars for pastors and church leaders. We also work through the local church to partner in evangelism, youth and children’s outreach and women’s ministry. 

We are committed to working with young people and presenting the Christian faith in an engaging and thought-provoking way through our Youth and Schools Outreach. Our aim is to provide accessible, interactive and educational programmes in schools and to present the Christian perspective on various topics in a way that is relevant to young people. Our team is also passionate about encouraging and building up young Christians in Scripture Union groups and churches. 

Mission awareness is one of the founding goals of LMI, and our Mission Awareness Programme is still a vital part of the organisation today. Each year we present Christians with the challenge to make world mission a priority by becoming actively involved in some way.