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Affiliations and accreditations

AFVS was set up to provide support and advice via a membership organisation to provide ongoing charity advice, training and in general support to Charities, Churches & CIC’s bringing together a group of partners that can handle all the requirements of a typical charity.

Our Mission is to keep churches and charities safe and compliant. We offer high-quality, low-cost support and advice to our members across the UK, including Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

AFVS’s speciality is looking after those that are involved in the charity either as a trustee, paid staff, chair or volunteers, helping taking the stress away from you to keep you safe and compliant.  

AFVS understand the increasing pressures on charities to comply with charity regulations and where applicable company law.

AFVS is a membership organisation, here to benefit both larger and smaller charities & churches that need an outside resource, and support to draw from.  The membership fees support our ongoing research into what you require and need from us, along with an online members area within our website that has a wealth of documents, briefings, policies and templates. We “Provide practical solutions to your problems”; and we measure our success by how well we achieve that. We also offer a number of free resources, available to all at: 

We publish a free monthly Newsletter; you can subscribe here: and a GDPR Briefing:

We are also offering to new members that come via Global Connections Network half price membership for the first year for those churches or charities with an annual income of over £10k per annum. For any charities that have an annual income of under £10k you are automatically entitled to Free membership of AFVS -

If you want to enquire further about membership of AFVS, then please contact us at -