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We're a support network for people involved in community development
  • Arukah means wholeness, restoration and health - it’s our name and our aim.

  • We support emerging and established local leaders that want to pursue Arukah in their communities in Africa, Asia and beyond.

  • We bring these leaders together in their community to form ‘Clusters’ – these Clusters are the cornerstone of our network.

  • Cluster members build relationships with each other, take stock of their strengths, and collaborate to serve their community.

  • Through our global network, each Cluster can access facilitators, training and like-minded advisers and friends.

  • It’s a simple idea, but its impact can be great: it’s improved access to food, sanitation and healthcare; it’s furthered issues of justice and inclusion; and it’s created award-winning leaders.

  • Learn more and listen to our podcast at