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Climate Stewards is a Christian carbon offsetting charity.

At Climate Stewards, we recognise that some carbon emissions are inevitable. Many Christian organisations are taking steps to reduce their emissions, but recognise that flying is essential to their ministry. We therefore invite our partners to ‘reduce what you can and offset what you can’t’.

Voluntary carbon offsetting

  • helps mission agencies, NGO's, churches and individuals to send a clear message about their commitment to the environment
  • empowers people to start taking control of their carbon footprint, and to feel that they can be part of the solution as well as the problem
  • is not a ‘licence to pollute’ but a responsible choice to deal with unavoidable carbon emissions

The Climate Stewards carbon calculator  enables users to calculate their CO2 emissions from flights, car mileage, train travel, and other sources such as heating and power, and make a donation to reflect the cost of sequestrating (capturing) the equivalent amount of carbon.

Climate Stewards works through its local partner, A Rocha Ghana, to plant indigenous trees in communities and schools in central and northern Ghana. Planting and managing these new mini-forests brings triple benefits – sequestrating carbon, improving livelihoods and restoring biodiversity.

Climate Stewards is part of the A Rocha network and has close links with A Rocha International and other A Rocha national organisations. Our partners include Tear Fund, Compassion International, Spring Harvest and Interhealth.