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As followers of Jesus Christ, at Feba UK we work with partners and communities using life-giving media to bring lasting transformation. We seek to enable our partners, understand their communities, and mobilise investors to join with us.

Vision: individuals and communities / life in all its fullness

Mission: followers of Jesus Christ / partners and communities / life-giving media / lasting transformation

Values: reliance on God / partnering / integrity / enabling / respect / innovation / professionalism

Strategic focus: audio+: great content delivered using the most appropriate technology, that engages the community on real issues and brings about transformation

We will work increasingly with partners focused on:

  • healthcare
  • tackling slavery and people trafficking
  • justice and advocacy
  • emergency response
  • community transformation

We will work increasingly with communities that are:

  • voiceless - hidden church, persecuted communities, slums, streetkids, enslaved people
  • rooted in other religions
  • displaced - refugees, trafficked people
  • fragmented - orphans and widows, war and post-war, post-disaster
  • marginalised - women and children, rural poor