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A French-led evangelical movement with over 50 years of experience sharing the message of the Bible in France

France Mission (FM) is a French-led church union with a focus on church-planting and leadership development, especially in those areas of France where there is little or no evangelical witness. We currently have 56 churches and 2 activity centres spread around France.

Our churches tend to be small (under 100 people), non-authoritarian in structure, informal in style, and distinctly non-ecclesiastical in their premises, with converted shops, banks, garages and factories pressed into service. We are a founding member of the National Council of French Evangelicals (CNEF) and are currently working with other groups towards the shared goal of "1pour10000", i.e. 1 evangelical church for every 10,000 head of population.

British Christians can help French churches in many ways. Simply visiting a church while on holiday/business in France can be a great encouragement. How about a church twinning link? Or perhaps moving to France for retirement or employment, and playing your part as a local church member? There are also short-term mission opportunities, as well as the possibility of volunteering as a church intern as part of a Year Abroad study programme. Not to mention training as a career missionary... And, of course, British Christians can pray for our brothers and sisters over the Channel - using the English-language materials produced by France Mission's UK office. Please just contact us to find out more about any of these areas.

Here's a video introducing the team at one of our most recent church-plants in Aix-les-Bains.