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Reach Beyond exists to mobilise the Body of Christ to make disciples among the least-reached.

Our vision is twofold.  First, we want to enable those who do not know Christ to reach beyond their circumstances to receive eternal hope found only in Him. Second, we want to motivate and equip the Body of Christ to reach beyond borders, comfort zones, geographic, social, economic and religious barriers to make the name of Jesus known among the nations.

God has granted Reach Beyond three primary methods of accomplishing our mission:

  • Media – Since its inception in Quito, Ecuador, Reach Beyond has used the power of media to reach into areas where the name of Christ is unknown, resisted or marginalized.  Today our media ministry includes satellite broadcasts, FM radio, shortwave radio, Internet, social media and any other developing forms of modern communication.
  • Healthcare and development projects - The world is filled with those who suffer the effects of poverty, violence, abuse, war and pain. Reach Beyond is in the business of facilitating physical and spiritual health transformation in those very people. Through healthcare interventions such as medical clinics and safe drinking water projects, Christ is made known as the one who heals and restores broken lives, bodies and minds.
  • Partnership – God’s Kingdom is multiplied when believers empower other believers to use their resources and talents to further the gospel in their own context and culture.  Reach Beyond equips local leaders, churches and ministries with the resources and training necessary to carry the Good News to the unreached.