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South Asian Concern(Edit)
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Northern and Western Europe

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Encouraging, enabling and equipping followers of Jesus to be more effective in their engagement with South Asians living in the UK.

Our aim is to help people share the good news of Jesus Christ with those from South Asia, especially Hindus and Sikhs, in a way that is relevant and meaningful to South Asian culture. We do this by providing training and resources to UK churches and encouraging individuals in their personal evangelism.

We also help South Asian followers of Jesus to consider how they can follow Jesus and remain true to their culture. We have partners working in North India and other parts of South Asia, who are involved in church planting, Bible teaching and leadership development.

Our activities include

  • Teaching UK churches about South Asian faith and culture (especially Hinduism and Sikhism)

  • Training UK churches to be more effective in their evangelism amongst South Asians

  • Encouraging South Asian Christians to follow Jesus and remain within their culture

  • Development and publication of books and resources relevant to the above

  • Supporting church planting and leadership development in South Asia (northern India)

  • Encouraging prayer for South Asia

  • Networking with churches/leaders working with South Asians in the UK