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Pole to Pole

Pole to Pole is evidence of God working through his people today. People in churches and organisations in Poland and the UK are being stirred up to reach out to Polish people who have moved to the UK.

For some, the question and the task is how to support and encourage Polish evangelical Christians who have moved to the UK? For others, the question is how to reach out and share a message of 'Real Hope' with the hundreds of thousands of migrants in the UK.

Pole to Pole is a network which began life with a consultation event attended by over 70 people in Coventry in December 2008. Contacts and networks are growing, and ideas turning into action.

We hope that you find something of use, something of interest and encouragement to share in our vision of being people of hope to Polish people in the UK.


  • To provide support to Christian churches, organisations, and individuals that are trying to reach out to and work with Polish nationals in the UK

  • To establish a network of churches and individuals working with the Polish community in the UK so that experience can be shared

  • To provide a link to and complement the realnanadzieja.pl (real hope) website

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News relating to ongoing work amongst Polish people in the UK
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A powerful resource which encourages people to consider big issues
An outline of some of the cultural characteristics of Polish people
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