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We’re delighted that you are considering joining the network and hope you find the application process to be simple. If you’ve any questions please contact Andy Law.

Who can join?

Membership is open to all organisations that fit in one of the following categories:

Category A - Agencies sending or employing people overseas;

Category B - Agencies supporting people or projects in the UK or overseas projects, or mission training colleges;

Category C – Agencies or organisations not falling into Category A or B (e.g. Churches, general training colleges, organisations providing support services to Category A or B agencies).

Why should you join?

1. Networking

Ever feel isolated? As a network we provide unique links to others involved in mission and who have the same passions as you. Throughout the year there is a variety of events and forums, covering a vast range of topics and issues. There is probably one that fits you. Members attend at greatly discounted prices.

2. Christian Vocations

Needing someone to fill a specific role? Advertise with Christian Vocations at a discounted price. There are also special rates for advertising your mission opportunities in iServe and the SERVE Short-Term publications that both enjoy a wide circulation (and also include an online presence). Further services include free vocational advice and resources, and a guide to running a good recruitment process in the UK.

3. Relationships with churches

Churches are often confused by the number of agencies and unsure how to engage with them. We have guidelines to help mission agencies and churches work together in partnership, each respecting and affirming the role of the other.

4. Raising standards

Want to improve what you are doing? Many of the forums provide sharing and learning opportunities. Global Connections also has a growing portfolio of codes, policy guidelines and pro-forma.

5. Exploring the future of mission

Don't have the time to think or reflect? What are the key issues in mission? What does the future hold? The network provides opportunities to think about key issues and reflect theologically.

6. Information resource

Looking for that resource you cannot find? We are here to help. Maybe we don't know, but someone in the network will.

7. Insurances and Group Life Cover

Through our partnerships we have negotiated some special insurance programs for our members. These have been selected based on terms that are favourable for overseas workers.

  1. Banner Financial Services - providers of specific travel insurance to mission and aid workers
  2. Talent Trust Consultants for international medical insurance
  3. MasterPolicy for group life insurance

8. Pensions

Even mission workers eventually retire! Global Connections provides access to group personal pension schemes both for UK staff and for mission partners overseas. The schemes are with Zurich Assurance and are administered by Independent Financial Advisers, Succession Group Ltd.

9. Joint projects

Too small to go it alone or want to ensure good co-operation? Many members link together on joint projects and form relationships though meeting in the network.

10. and finally...

It's better together. As a Fulani proverb says "One finger cannot milk a cow". The greatest benefit is just being part of all that is happening.

How much does it cost?

Assessable income










Greater than £5m










£2m to £5m










£1m to £2m










£500,000 to £1m










£250,000 to £500,000










£100,000 to £250,000










Under £100,000










**MAP+GC category only applicable to members with a head office in Northern Ireland.

Notes on calculating your assessable income

Global Connections brings together many different agencies with a diversity of ways of working. That diversity is often a reflection of different historical backgrounds, church affiliations and functions.

It is also reflected in the way in which an agency handles its financial affairs.  For example, some make public appeals, others do not.  Some pool all of their income, others have developed a highly personalised system of support for their missionaries.  Some spend most of their income on projects, others on people.

To try to be fair to all, we have devised the following guidelines for calculating your contributions. Please base your calculations on your latest audited or examined annual accounts. Contact us if you need further guidance.

Income which should be included:

  • Donation Income, including gifts for the support of personnel and ongoing projects
  • Income directly related to the activities of the charity
  • Investment income and interest

Income which should be excluded:

  • Gifts towards one off capital projects of a non-routine nature
  • Gifts with a specific restriction of a non-regular type;
  • Gifts which are of an unusually large amount which distort the income trend
How do you join?

All members must be in agreement with the Global Connections’ Basis of Faith and Cooperation and agree to pay the annual subscription. There is a membership fee estimator tool in the right-hand column of this page.

Please complete the online application form below or download, print off and complete the membership pack and send by email to or by post to Global Connections, Caswell Road, Leamington Spa CV31 1QD.

By submitting this application, you are giving Global Connections permission to process your information in accordance to its Privacy Policy. Please also note that the email platform we use to send occasional communications to our members is Mailchimp - you can update your preferences and unsubscribe at any time.

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible at which point we will contact you. The trustees reserve the right not to accept a membership application or to remove a member if they deem it to be in the best interests of the network.

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