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Exploring the future of mission

Access, and contribute to, a range of events focusing specifically on exploring the future of mission.

Build relationships

Join one of our forums to engage with others working in similar roles, to share resources, ideas and best practice.

Mutual learning and development

Explore mission issues and solutions together and share learning and experiences through our Networking Hub.

Networking Hub

Our secure, digital platform to connect with other members, share knowledge, resources and news, and continue conversations and learning between events in a digital space.

Resources and Signposts

Benefit from a portfolio of codes, policy guidelines and pro-forma to equip your organisation, raise standards, maximise your work, and to fulfil your operational responsibilities.

Prayer support from 1000’s

Share your prayer requests on our dedicated prayer pages and in our bi-monthly prayer guide, World Prayer News.

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday that we aren’t often aware of what God is doing through other agencies. Global Connections provides a great forum for this, promoting togetherness, learning and serving more closely together to accomplish more for the Kingdom.

Tim Adams, General Secretary IFES

Discounted events

Access a range of forum related and one-off events, exploring current topics and issues at greatly discounted rates.

Discounted job advertisements

Advertise UK jobs and voluntary positions, as well as short-term and longer-term international and UK-based opportunities all at a discounted price.

Free publicity for your organisation

Post your upcoming events for free on the Global Connections website via your secure login.

Group Pension & International Savings

Two excellent schemes to cover all your UK pension and International savings requirements and more.

Discounted Private Medical insurance

GC partners, Talent Trust offer bespoke Private Medical Insurance for long-term mission partners who might not be eligible for free access to the NHS in England when visiting the UK.

Discounted Life, Travel & Health Insurance

Access the Global Connections Group Life Insurance policy, plus a range of travel and health insurance schemes at discounted prices, with Banner Financial Services Group Ltd.

How much does it cost?

Select the options that apply to you, your church, agency, college or business from the drop-down below to find out how much membership will cost.

Annual contribution: £

What is your assessable income?

Income which should be included:

  • Donation Income, including gifts for the support of personnel and ongoing projects
  • Income directly related to the activities of the charity
  • Investment income and interest

Income which should be excluded:

  • Gifts towards one-off capital projects of a non-routine nature
  • Gifts with a specific restriction of a non-regular type
  • Gifts which are of an unusually large amount which distort the income trend