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Muslim World Forum

Addressing key issues affecting mission in the Muslim World

Who is it for?

Representatives, churches and individuals who are active in or concerned about mission among Muslims.

What is the focus?

The Forum's three main areas of focus are:

  •  Provide networking opportunities for those involved in ministry among Muslims worldwide
  •  Discuss issues of common concern in an atmosphere that respects multiple, diverse perspectives
  •  Consider joint projects as appropriate

It should be noted that there can be severe restrictions in many Muslim-majority countries, and discretion is exercised in the use of information because of sensitive political situations.

Usually those who launch the discussion are regulars at the Forum but occasionally an outside speaker is invited to provide insight into a particular country or current issue.

When and how do we meet?

The forum meets three times a year, usually in February, June and October. Meetings are held online starting at 10:30am with a formal conclusion at noon. Some participants continue in informal discussion after the formal close. Networking occurs via the chat function (both public and private) as well as in breakout rooms.

The typical programme has a brief welcome, opening prayer and announcements prior to a short period in breakouts rooms. The main topic follows, often comprising short presentations, a panel discussion and some questions and answers. There is then time in breakout rooms for discussion. Events conclude with further questions and answers and closing comments by the main presenters.

What issues have we covered recently?

  • The gospel of Jesus Christ in Honour-Shame Cultures
  • Media: Navigating New Possibilities
  • Christian-Muslim dialogue: essential engagement or dangerous distraction?
  • Radical hospitality in Muslim contexts
  • Can Islam experience a reformation?
  • Who is Jesus? Bangladeshi BMBs' view of Christ
  • Bible Translation in a Muslim Context
  • Islam’s Diversity playing out in Syria and Iraq
  • A wind in the House of Islam (Dr David Garrison)
  • Discipleship Making Movements
  • The Family in Islam: what is its place in wider society and the role of father, mother and wider family?
  • The changing role of women in Muslim societies
  • Spiritualities in Islam: What is Religious and What is Cultural?
  • Identity Issues: belonging to which communities?

The Forum’s history

This forum has been operating since the early 1980s.

The pattern of three meetings a year is long-established, typically in March, June and October. Most were held in Central London. Declining numbers meant that a review was initiated in early 2000. The Covid-19 pandemic was the final straw that prompted the switch to an online event. The format of meetings was adjusted to fit a 90-minute duration and the first meeting of a year moved to February since weather for travel is no longer a consideration.

The Central Asia Forum emerged from with the Muslim World Forum in the 2000s, reflecting that central Asia, whilst predominantly Muslim religiously, was heavily influenced by being post-communist and post-Soviet. The Central Asia Forum closed in 2020.

Resources and Events

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