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Middle East Concern

Africa  |  Sudan
August 2023

Please pray for a speedy resolution between the opposing forces to the ongoing conflict in Sudan. Please pray for an end to bloodshed and for peace and stability to prevail. Please pray for a resolution that will bring safety and increased freedom for the people of Sudan and will lead to conditions under which the Body of Christ will flourish. Please pray the Church will be strong in the face of discrimination and persecution and for God’s comfort and healing to be known to those who are suffering. Please pray the love of Jesus will be known across the nation.

Middle East Concern

Africa  |  Somalia
June 2023

Please pray the targeting of Christians by militant groups will cease, and for changes across society seeing an end to the persecution of believers at community and family level. Please pray for the safety of believers and for the Body of Christ to strengthen and flourish despite the existing obstacles. Please pray conditions will come into being allowing Christians including converts to openly express their faith, including collectively. Please pray those who target and seek to harm Christians will come to know God’s love, and God’s peace. Please pray God’s children across Somalia will come to know and follow Jesus.

Middle East Concern

Africa  |  Yemen
December 2022

Please pray for an end to violence in Yemen. Please pray for political and economic stability and the prevalence of conditions through which the faith will flourish. Please pray for an ever-growing church throughout Yemen. Please pray God’s love will be known to His beloved children across the land and will bring great joy and hope.

Middle East Concern

Middle East  |  Iran
September 2022

The Iranian authorities continue to prosecute and imprison Christians for the peaceful practice of their faith. Please pray God’s presence, peace and comfort are a blessing to those who are imprisoned, facing trial, harassed or in fear of being amongst the next to be targeted. Please pray their witness will draw many more people, near and far, to come to know Jesus. Please pray Christians will soon be able to congregate freely for worship and for God’s blessing upon Iran.

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