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LCF partners with Christian lawyers around the world as they seek to live, speak and apply the whole good news of Jesus Christ in their context

Throughout the world there are many Christian lawyers who either collectively or individually are seeking to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the legal profession in their own countries and circumstances. The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship here in the UK rejoices in the fellowship and partnerships that have been built up and span across the various continents from Africa to Australia, the United States and across Europe.

Over the past 15 years a close and deep relationship has been developed and built up with our friends in East Africa. Under the auspices of CLEAR, a project arm of the LCF, we have been delighted to help and support the wonderful work in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. This support is financial, educational, technical and in personnel. You can read about our links worldwide below, discover more about CLEAR and how you can get involved too.