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Flying to thousands more destinations than any airline, MAF operates light aircraft in developing countries so that people in remote areas can receive essential help.

In today's 'connected world', the irony is that never have so many people been so isolated. Flying onto desert and jungle airstrips, lakes and rivers, tracks and roads, MAF’s light aircraft and their mission pilots go the extra miles to provide a lifeline.

Working in partnership with hundreds of other Christian and relief organisations MAF enables practical help, physical healing, and spiritual hope to be delivered to many of the most remote and inaccessible communities on the planet. For 70 years, MAF has been flying for life.

To contact our MAF UK office, please telephone 01303 850950 or visit https://www.maf-uk.org 

To contact our MAF International office, please telephone 01233 895500 or visit http://www.mafint.org