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Private medical insurance

Global Connections has engaged TTc to create a group private medical insurance scheme for career / long-term missionaries. Talent Trust Consultants (TTc) were set up in 1991 to provide missionaries with world class, but cost effective medical insurance.

In 1990 the founder Michael Lyon moved to Thailand, this was where his family met the Lord. They also met many missionaries, including the director of YWAM Thailand, Steve Goode. Steve had a problem getting insurance for 30 of his members working in a refugee camp on the Cambodian border, and couldn't find anything within their price range that would be effective for their needs. Michael was a financial consultant at the time, and did not do insurance, but he did know people in Lloyds of London, and as a favour he created a policy for these 30 people. He ran it initially as a kind of hobby/service for them, and over a few years more people heard about it and joined. About three years down the line he felt God saying to stop all his other work and focus on TTc, within 6 weeks our membership went from about 40 family units to over 180, and it started to become a viable business. Today TTc operate out of Malaysia, and utilize Aetna for their underwriting and emergency evacuation services, and they now cover over 7,000 missionaries in 180 countries. All TTc staff are believers, and understand that their ministry is to serve to the best of their abilities those pursuing the Great Commission.

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