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Save on core expenditure

Global Connections is pleased to promote its alliance with the Christian Supply Chain (CSC) which gives all our member agencies who are registered charities an opportunity to save on their core expenditure. This is possible because they offer products and services from carefully selected suppliers at improved pricing and discounts due to the leverage of the buying power across Christian organizations.

If you want to:

  • Reduce costs across your organization
  • Obtain 2-3 quotes to benchmark a large purchase and ensure you are dealing with reputable suppliers
  • Use suppliers experienced in operating in the Christian sector with strong ethical credentials
  • Review contracts that are coming to the end and test the market
  • Secure consistent pricing over a longer period to help your budgeting

BUT you don’t have the time or resource, then we can help by working on your behalf with our suppliers to help you achieve that and save you money. A good place to start is on food or office products.

If we could help you save £5k, £10k, £15k or more, what difference would that make to your work and ministry?

We are a free Christian resource working with Christian organizations to help reduce their operating costs so they can invest more in their main ministry purpose.

As a Christian organisation you can sign up free to our website and engage directly with each of our recommended suppliers to potentially save 8-15% per spend area, whether that is food, office products, utilities, insurance or furniture and many other areas. See the ‘Products and Services’ page of our website for a full list of categories.

We already work with members such as:

  • Abernethy – Food, office products, maintenance and telecoms
  • All Nations – Food, Cleaning, Mattresses and office products

For further details visit