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Finance & Governance Forum

Raising interest and expertise in financial and governance related matters and providing resources and networking opportunities for trustees

Mission agencies operate in a frequently changing environment, often with limited resources.  Keeping on top of issues such as reporting and compliance requirements, taxation changes, Trustee responsibilities and new software packages can be a challenge.  Boards have a responsibility to lead in responding to such changes and failure at this level can leave organisations in danger of becoming irrelevant. To remain viable and relevant, it is important that governance and finance are given sufficient time and focus. 

The forum's main focus is to support those involved in their organisation's governance, finance administration and accounting procedures (including payroll, tax, pensions, and insurance). It aims to meet annually (usually in central London), but will host additional events as appropriate with the support of experts in relevant fields from within or external to the network. There is ample opportunity for networking and the sharing of problems and ideas during each meeting.

Topics regularly covered include charity law updates, pension legislation, GDPR, performance reporting, taxation, insurance, SORP2005, outsourcing and money laundering compliance.

The forum is administered by Andy Law (Global Connections).

For more details, contact Andy Law