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International HR Forum

Resourcing those involved in HR to serve people in God's mission

This forum brings together those involved in international HR and cross-cultural mission. Many are qualified HR professionals, others new to personnel-related work. It is for anyone with roles in recruitment, placement, training and people support.

The main focus is on helping to improve HR practice, especially in relation to mission partners serving outside the UK. The forum also provides excellent networking opportunities to meet with others involved in HR departments. The forum is developing a comprehensive package of good practice guidelines. Speakers are invited to provide insight and training on particular issues. The forum meets on a weekday twice a year, usually in May and November in London. There is a two day residential conference every two or three years.

Areas that have been covered recently include: Managing Mental Health in organisations, Preparation of Mission Partners, Employment and self-employment, and Ending Well.

Employment Law issues are also discussed regularly and we are grateful to Anthony Collins Solicitors for their support. You can sign up to receive regular employment law e-briefings via their website or contact them about any legal services.

The Chair of the steering group is Philip Bingham (CMS). Other members are Becky Hembery (BMS World Mission), David Leek (MAF UK), Helen Heron (SIM International), Helen Johnston (Presbyterian Church in Ireland), David Leek (MAF UK) and Sandy Morgan (Global Connections).

Forum Papers and Presentations