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Africa  |  Cameroon
August 2023

A radiotherapy machine donated from a cancer centre in Wales is being installed at the Mbingo Hospital in Cameroon. Pray for this delicate operation. The hospital also has an urgent need for a new ambulance; their old vehicle is no longer roadworthy, and once the cancer treatments are available, there will be increased demand for transport to the facility. Please pray as they ask the Lord to provide for this important need.

La Bible En Français Simple Pour Tout Le Monde est une version claire et facile à lire. Elle est gratuite et disponible en ligne. Pour le moment, nous publions seulement le Nouveau Testament. The Bible in Simple French For Everyone is clear and easy-to-read. It is free and available online. So far, the New Testament has been published. Praise God for the team who have completed the work on the New Testament, including the recently launched website. Please pray for the long-serving coordinator who is ready to retire from leading the project. Pray that God will guide someone with the right skills and experience to join us and manage the final checking and the typesetting of the Old Testament.

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