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Africa  |  Democratic Republic of the Congo
December 2023

Give thanks to God for HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund which covers the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients at the hospital in Goma. Pray for resources as the need for this service has been growing significantly recently. Thank God for His ongoing protection amid the insecurity in Goma, safeguarding families and patients travelling from rebel areas to receive care at HEAL Africa Hospital.


Africa  |  Democratic Republic of the Congo
October 2023

Praise God for the impactful community projects and quality care HEAL Africa consistently provides to the needy population of North-Kivu province and the remote regions of the DRC during their outreach missions. As HEAL Africa Hospital launches an emergency training programme for doctors and nurses in DRC, we pray for success and for graduates to become valuable assets in their communities.

La Bible En Français Simple Pour Tout Le Monde est une version claire et facile à lire. Elle est gratuite et disponible en ligne. Pour le moment, nous publions seulement le Nouveau Testament. The Bible in Simple French For Everyone is clear and easy-to-read. It is free and available online. So far, the New Testament has been published. Praise God for the team who have completed the work on the New Testament, including the recently launched website. Please pray for the long-serving coordinator who is ready to retire from leading the project. Pray that God will guide someone with the right skills and experience to join us and manage the final checking and the typesetting of the Old Testament.

WEC’s team in Burundi ran a conference this year to equip pastors from across East Africa to inspire and prepare their church members for cross-cultural mission. Some of the participants had travelled for several days to take part; water and electricity had not yet been connected where they were staying but they enjoyed walking together to the host church each day. Alongside Stephen and Aloys, many of those teaching were from other African organisations and NGOs, demonstrating a genuine partnership with WEC’s ACTS13 mobilising ministry.

Open Doors has published its World Watch List for 2023 today.  DRC is ranked as the 37th most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian, particularly in the Eastern Region, where Goma (LVLE) is located, because of Islamist extremists.   Please pray for Christians in this area to remain safe.  

The people of Goma, including BCT's local partners, are living through a period of serious civil unrest. People have been protesting against the UN’s presence in the DRC and against Rwanda’s alleged collusion with armed groups to increase instability in the region. Give thanks that our local team have been kept safe and pray for their ongoing protection.

Please pray God’s blessing on our partner's face-to-face work with street-living children in and around Goma. The team are now meeting with almost 90 children over the course of a year and, at the last count, they were in touch with 22 families to discuss the possible reintegration of their children. Pray for wisdom for the team as they build trusting relationships with these children and try to help them find loving homes, away from the streets.

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