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BMS World Mission

Africa  |  Guinea
March 2023

BMS World Mission worker Caroline* runs a health education programme in Guinea to teach young girls to understand their menstrual cycle. Pray that these girls will be equipped to tackle period poverty and share what they’ve learnt with their friends and families. Please pray too for Caroline’s preparation of teaching material which focuses on informing boys on topics such as puberty, relationships, violence, migration, and suicide. Pray that the boys she teaches will find the materials helpful and engaging. *Name changed.

WEC International

Africa  |  Guinea
November 2022

Fula Jalon people in Guinea: The Fula Jalon (nearly 5 million people) live mostly in the Republic of Guinea. Despite having the Bible and the Jesus film in their language (Pular), they remain unreached. Pray that God would speak through these resources and through the lives of Christians they meet. Pray that the Holy Spirit will arouse curiosity in the Fula about the good news of Jesus.

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