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Europe  |  Kosovo
August 2023

Please pray for peace and stability for Kosovo and the region as the situation with Serbia government has been very unsettled recently. The Serbia government do not recognise Kosovo’s declaration of independence passed in 2008. The evangelical Church is very small but growing. From about 80 believers at the outbreak of war in 1998, there are now over 2,000 young men and teens who know Jesus. Please pray for more people to come to know Jesus in this challenging environment, and for the Christian Church to shine like a beacon of light in this small country.

BMS World Mission

Europe  |  Kosovo
February 2023

Kosovo is a majority Muslim country, but the Christian population there is growing. As the Christian minority attends church services this week, pray that God’s Word will be shared, responded to and have an impact on churchgoers so that they are salt and light in Kosovo.

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