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Mekong Minorities – The Dong people group live in very remote areas in the region around the Mekong River. Pray for creative ways for gospel workers to share the good news of Jesus in these areas.

Please pray for Al Massira International and for several trainings (some already underway) in countries in SE Asia. A worker couple are witnessing to Middle Eastern students; others are witnessing to people from East Asia; others are witnessing to SE Asians. Please pray for another training in the SE Asia region next month. May the AM resources (currently translated into 38 languages), continue to help resource the Body of Christ to further train and equip Brother and Sister-workers in their faithful, prayerful pursuit of reaching precious people from all nations, with the glorious Gospel. To the glory of God!

WEC International

Asia  |  Laos, Vietnam
October 2022

Giay people in Vietnam & Laos: The Giay people group originally emigrated to Vietnam from China. They are mostly farmers who practise ethnic religions, worshipping a variety of gods associated with the elements, and family ancestors. There is a small minority of believers among the Giay. Pray for them to be bold and for God to make them effective in sharing their faith.

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