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Operation Mobilisation (OM) UK

Middle East  |  Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan
April 2024

In some points in North Africa there is amazing freedom to distribute Bibles openly on the street. OM teams have worked with local churches and other ministries to place millions of Bibles in recent years. The entrance of God’s Word brings light.

Church Mission Society

Middle East  |  Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco
August 2023

CMS mission partners J and R, working in Bible translation in the Middle East, write that the book of Ezra will be reviewed for accuracy and readability (consultant-checked) in September. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guard against anything that would hinder this vital work. Pray, too, for J and the other Bible translators as they work to balance the time and effort on each book at each stage of the translation.

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