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Middle East  |  Palestinian Territories
April 2024

Please pray for our teams working amongst Palestinians and Arab Israelis. Pray for hearts and minds to be opened to the gospel as they share Jesus with those they work amongst. Pray for one of our teams who partner with Messianic Jewish believers to help and pray for Palestinians, as they seek together to share Jesus in the midst of the current difficult situation.

WEC International

Middle East  |  Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Territories
January 2024

Palestinian Arabs of the Levant: The term 'Palestine' originates with the Philistines in Biblical times, and was reintroduced by the Romans circa 135AD. It was not used again until 1917 when the British captured the region from the Ottoman Empire. When 30 years later the UN partitioned the region into two states, Jordan and Israel, the ensuing war caused many to be expelled from their homeland, and their descendants became refugees. Pray for the 2.6% Palestinian Christians to hold onto hope and have courage to reach across barriers to Jewish and Muslim neighbours.

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