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Our vision is to help establish church planting movements in countries with limited religious freedom. Two key factors in this are church planting and prayer. Our aim is to encourage church planting, see church planters sent out, and to help develop effective prayer networks that under gird such work. This will see the church strengthened so that communities of believers can stand strong in practical ways in the face of persecution.

3P Ministries brings together three agencies with a track record in church planting, prayer and helping the persecuted church. The three 'P's are Planting, Prayer and Persecution.

DAWN International Network is based in the UK. Its vision is to see whole nations discipled through church planting and represents the work of the DAWN partners with responsibility for the Arab World, Turkic World and World Prayer.

INTERPRAYER is also based in the UK, and provides a focus for the ministry of Brian Mills and his colleagues, in seeking to pray for, and stimulate prayer for, the nations of the world.

HMK (Hilfsaktion Martrerkirche - Help for the Persecuted Church) is based in Switzerland. They have projects in many countries where believers are undergoing horrific persecution for their faith.

Each of these agencies continues to operate in their own right, but by pooling their experience, giftings and resources, seek with 3P Ministries to strengthen the church in many nations in a way that could not happen separately. We also hope that we can be a blessing to other agencies working in similar fields by partnering together so that more can be done for the Kingdom of God.

To help establish church planting movements in countries with limited religious freedom

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  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Middle East


  • Palestinian Territories

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