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Brierley Consultancy is available to help individual churches, or groups of churches, or Christian organisations in at least the following ways: 1) Vision Building. Where is your church or agency going? How do you ascertain the best way to define your key objectives 5 years hence? What will have been done through your organisation in the next 5 vor 10 years? We can help you get answers to these types of questions. 2) Strategic enabling. How strategic is your planning? How are going to acheive your targets? How decide which are your priorities? What kinds of thinking will you engage in to get there? We can faciltate the relevant discussions to help you find your way. 3) Interpretative research. What information do you need to ascertain the best way forward? Who are the people who come to your church? Who belong to your organisation or send you donations? What are their values? their hopes? We can either draw on existing data to give some of the necessary answers, or compile a specific piece of research just for you to get the necessary information. Who is Peter Brierley? An ex-civil servant, one time Director of the Bible Society, but for 24 years from 1983, Executive Director of Christian Research and MARC Europe, its former name. Peter has now retired from Christian Research and set up Brierley Consultancy conscious that many churches and organisations still need help in thinking forward and sometimes don't know what data they need to help them get there. Continues to be very involved with research for mission and other organisations.  In 2012 completed the London Church Census.  Next edition of UK Church Statistics is due out April 2014 DV. Very happy to be of service in any way we can! Brierley Consultancy is available to help churches, or Christian organisations in the areas of vision building, strategic enabling and interpretative research

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