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Established in 1952, INF is Nepal's longest-serving international non-government organisation.

Nepal is home to over 100 different castes and ethnic groups, many have their own tribal language. Add to this social status and gender and it becomes clear that a sense of belonging and unity can be a challenge for some. Especially for those who are regarded as lowly, either because of their caste or tribe, or because a disability or disease has singled them out, a sense of belonging and being an equal can truly seem out of reach.

Gender, social group and geographic area are major factors that can influence a person’s opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Culture, traditional believes and values are contributing factors to structurally generated poverty and inequality, and deeply entrenched forms of social exclusion.

Not being able to access services, or joining in with community activities because of discrimination or a disability, can make people feel unsafe and vulnerable. Building resilient, safe and inclusive communities means that all are being seen as equal, can take part in community activities and have access to services and public buildings. This is why all our projects specifically focus on the most vulnerable groups – the lowest castes, people affected by “cursed” diseases, or those with a disability.

Please note: INF’s UK office no longer sends personnel to Nepal for long-term or short-term mission, so please contact INF International Expat Rectruitment who can connect you to one of our experienced sending agency partners.

International Nepal Fellowship (INF) is a Christian mission serving Nepali people through health and development work.

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