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Making Christianity accessible to those with sight loss

We believe that sight loss should not be a barrier for anyone to continue and grow their Christian faith. To support people living with sight loss, we provide Christian literature in accessible formats, including Braille, large print and audio formats.

Our literature can be borrowed or bought, and while production costs are significantly higher than making standard print books, as a charity we only ask the same price as a sighted person would pay. We produce Bibles, daily Bible reading notes, along with Christian books, booklets and magazines, hymn and song books. We pride ourselves on our personal service – offering individual book recommendations and producing items that our customers request.

Community is a valuable part of Christian life, and we work with churches and Christian groups, organisations and events to ensure they can confidently welcome people with sight loss. We provide support through training on accessibility, supply service materials in accessible formats, and much more to ensure people with sight loss feel fully included. Through our Sight Loss Friendly Church initiative, we already support hundreds of churches across the UK, and are we working to expand this number.

We also are in partnership with Torch Trust Malawi where we produce the Bible in Braille in African languages. We also support fellowship groups for Blind people in Malawi and Mozambique.

Overcoming sight loss as a barrier to finding a personal faith in Christ and to living a fulfilled Christian life.

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