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Wonu Adefala

Intercultural Engagement Coordinator | Global Connections

Intercultural Engagement Coordinator Wonu Adefala was born in Nigeria but has lived in England since she was 11 years old. She is a law graduate, who previously worked as a contract manager for Southwark Council and as a housing officer. Wonu has been involved in ministry at different levels. First setting up and running the children and youth church at Word Fountain Christian Ministries in Oxford. At university she joined Salem Europe, her role was to lead a team in planting campus fellowships and was also responsible for equipping young people to lead those fellowships across the country with Salem Europe. Over the years, Wonu has worked with various ministries, training leaders on how to engage better with the younger generation including the second/third generation migrant communities. She is a preacher of the gospel of Christ, speaking at conferences within the UK and internationally, equipping, and edifying people to live out their faith in God. Currently, she is the senior pastor of Salem South London and the founder of a ministry called Eleuthera (which means Freedom) which exists to bring individuals, families, communities, and nations into the freedom in every area of their life and to fulfil God’s purpose. She is excited about her role in Global Connections as she believes in the vision of Global Connections contributing to the advancement of God’s mission.