Guide to running a good recruitment process | Christian Vocations

Guide to running a good recruitment process

These pages are designed to help Christian organisations and Christian churches understand and think through the different stages of the recruitment and selection process. They also address how UK law impacts recruitment activities in the Christian sector. 

A quick introduction and 'discrimination alert' before you start.
Step 1
Stop for a moment to consider if your needs could be covered by current staff, and if not, what new skills or specific duties are required.
Step 2
Briefly outlining who should be involved and what to consider as you analyse the job to be done.
Step 3
Getting into the finer details of how to prepare the key documents.
Step 4
An overview of which advertising methods you could consider, and how to write a compelling advert.
Step 5
Sifting and selecting in a structured, systematic and fair manner in order to bring the best candidates through to final selection.
It's not just about the interview - there are a range of methods you can use to assess candidates at this final stage.
Step 7
Making a job offer, taking up references, and drawing up a contract.
Step 8
Don't just heave a sigh of relief and move on! Some suggestions for evaluating your process to make it better next time.
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A whole range of free resources for you to access: factsheets, downloads, links to e-learning, pro forma, blog posts and more.