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Reviewing the process

Don't just heave a sigh of relief and move on!

Once you have completed your recruitment and selection, the final stage must be to review the process to assess how effective it was and what needs to change to make it better next time.

Here are some suggested questions to help you think through the issues:

  • Was it a well-structured process? What worked well? What needs to be improved or changed? Were there any obvious omissions or glitches that you need to address for next time?
  • Did you get too many applicants? Too few? Maybe you need to think about tailoring your advertisement and recruitment information more to get the result you wanted, or look to advertise in some additional places next time.
  • Were the applicants too qualified? Not qualified enough? Try rewording your advert to attract more appropriate candidates. Using a clear job description and person specification can help. Make sure the qualifications you are asking for are appropriate to the role.
  • How cost-effective was your advertising? A simple way to measure is to divide the cost (not only in money but in your time) by either the total number of applicants or the number of applicants that you considered seriously.
  • How did you do as an interviewer? Maybe you can ask your new employee to critique you? (Once they have had a chance to get to know you and feel comfortable around you, so they feel able to be honest). Would it help to get further training in interview skills?
  • Were there questions you wanted to ask but didn't? Provided the questions are job-related and not in violation of UK Equality Law, make a note and ask them next time.
  • Did your testing support or help you in your decision-making? If not, maybe you should reconsider the kinds of tests you're administering (making sure they are legal and appropriate to the role).
  • Did everyone involved understand their obligations with regard to the safe keeping of documents and personal information of the applicants? If not, what needs to change? How can you clarify expectations?
  • Did you communicate with candidates quickly, warmly, and with the information they needed? Candidates will be assessing your organisation / church right from the start of their contact with you – and ultimately whether or not they want to work with you. Did you have someone specifically designated to respond to candidate queries? Did you have all the information related to the role in place? Were you able to answer their queries in a timely fashion?
  • Did you document the recruitment process accurately? And did you meet General Data Protection Regulation requirements? You should ensure you have a Data Protection policy for recruitment and a document retention policy (covering both physical and electronic data) that is communicated to all candidates. This should include clarity on how long information is kept for (sufficient time to allow any complaints to be handled), and how and when the data will be securely destroyed.