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Oceania  |  Australia
May 2024

Pray for communities where a Bible translation for their language exists but is not widely available. Give thanks for MissionAssist's Bible Digitisation Project, which transforms printed Bibles into electronic format for revision, reprinting and reading online. Pray that our vision to serve world mission from home will inspire more Christians in Australia to join as volunteer keyboarders. Ask God to call to this project those He has equipped with amazing attention to detail and some time for flexible volunteering.

Please pray that as we lead into Passover (an Old Testament Feast) that CMJ UK will have the opportunity to engage with Jewish communities sharing the truths of the Old Testament. Pray that many will remember how God gave his people a way to escape Egypt and that many will have an interest in the Passover feast's relevance for today.

MAF International

Oceania  |  Australia
May 2023

Suicide rates among indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, Australia can be high. Please pray that those suffering from poor mental health will experience God’s peace, discover Jesus for themselves, and live joyful lives as children of light (Ephesians 5 v 8).

International Mission to Jewish People

Oceania  |  Australia
March 2023

IMJP reaches out to Jewish people around the world to share the Good News. Australia has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world with an estimated population of at least 118,000 Jewish people. Melbourne alone is currently home to an estimated 55,000 Jewish people. To reach out to them, we have appointed Daniel Zeunert, a missionary with a heart to share the gospel with the Jewish people in Melbourne and beyond. Please pray for all the Jewish people that Daniel is meeting, asking that many will come to faith as they hear about the Good News of Jesus.

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