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MAF International

Oceania  |  Australia
May 2023

Suicide rates among indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, Australia can be high. Please pray that those suffering from poor mental health will experience God’s peace, discover Jesus for themselves, and live joyful lives as children of light (Ephesians 5 v 8).

International Mission to Jewish People

Oceania  |  Australia
March 2023

IMJP reaches out to Jewish people around the world to share the Good News. Australia has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world with an estimated population of at least 118,000 Jewish people. Melbourne alone is currently home to an estimated 55,000 Jewish people. To reach out to them, we have appointed Daniel Zeunert, a missionary with a heart to share the gospel with the Jewish people in Melbourne and beyond. Please pray for all the Jewish people that Daniel is meeting, asking that many will come to faith as they hear about the Good News of Jesus.

WEC International

Oceania  |  Australia, New Zealand
November 2022

As a Branch Australia is committed to praying for 10 new members per year over a 4-year period including 4 or 5 short-termers switching to long-term service each year. New Zealand are praying for a net growth of three members per year, six short-term members, and at least one of those short termers becoming a long-term member. Both Australia and New Zealand had very tight travel restrictions during COVID lockdown, which greatly impacted WEC’s two Missionary Training Colleges. Pray that by 2023 we will see both student applications and mobilisation opportunities pick up again.

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