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Please pray that as we lead into Passover (an Old Testament Feast) that CMJ UK will have the opportunity to engage with Jewish communities sharing the truths of the Old Testament. Pray that many will remember how God gave his people a way to escape Egypt and that many will have an interest in the Passover feast's relevance for today.

WEC International

Europe  |  Republic of Ireland
March 2024

Researching in the Republic: Seven WEC members have formed a research team to investigate whether the Lord is calling WEC to minister in the Republic of Ireland. Pray that through visits and discussions with church and community leaders in Ireland, prayer and research into the country’s spiritual climate and perceived needs, the research team can help WEC leadership to discern whether now might be the season for a WEC team to work there.

Living Leadership

Europe  |  Republic of Ireland
June 2023

Please pray for upcoming Living Leadership Refreshment Days in Ireland, designed to help those in ministry and their spouses (where applicable) to be supported and upheld. Many church leaders and their spouses are in need of refreshment and encouragement and so please do pray that these days may be an oasis of grace to them and that they may encounter the Lord and be replenished in Him.

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