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Europe  |  Cyprus, Greece
August 2023

Greece and Cyprus have had to bear an inequitable share of bearing up the lives of those fleeing their home countries. Pray that BMS and All4Aid will help advocate to make Greece and Cyprus fairer places for people on the move and to keep their plight high on the agenda of European nations. Give thanks for the safe space for women and girls that BMS partner All4Aid provides on Lesbos, Greece. Pray that as well as being able to shower, wash clothes, pick up essential items and chat, the centre users would experience a deep sense of God’s love.

Praise God that funding has been secured for the next three years for the Magend* translation project in West Asia. This spring the team is working on the remaining New Testament books. The Magend team needs more translation checkers. Please pray for more qualified checkers in the coming years. *name changed for security reasons

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