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Please pray for K in Finland. Please pray for the inhabitants of Inari. Recently two brothers went on a two-day drive to offer Christian magazines in Finnish and music CDs with spiritual songs in Saami at each house they passed. Everywhere, except at one house, they were turned away. One man put it this strongly: "Don't waste your time. All of us here are devils." Pray that Christ, the Light of the world, may start to shine in these people’s lives.

WEC International

Asia  |  China, Finland, Russia, Tajikistan
October 2022

The Tatars: Originating from Tatarstan (in Russia), the Tatars have settled across Central Asia but are most unreached in China, Finland and Tajikistan. Their primary religion is Islam and there is a desperate need for workers to live among them to bring the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray for God to intervene powerfully, to unveil their eyes to the mystery of the gospel.

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